This problem can be corrected if you have installed the SDK, but you have not accepted the license agreement. To solve this problem, you just have to accept the terms of the SDK component. To accept the terms and conditions, you can use a sdkmanager command line tool. You can solve the problem in 2 steps: . Sign up for a free GitHub account to open a problem and contact leaders and the community. @aiqinxuancai Say that if I only install Android 9.0, I can replicate this problem? I made the following mistake when creating on Android: I passed on this error, if I ran cordova build android I tried the following: flatterer doctor –android-licenses and PS C: `Users`aiqin`AppData `Local`s Android`s`Sdk`tools`bin> ./sdkmanager –licenses This will of course install all available updates, but this will save you time if you can save. Sleep should avoid faulty readline in the installation program, as «yes» does not work properly in this case. I tried all the commands mentioned above on the Windows 10 machine, but the solution was to use the SDKMANAGER to check and agree to buy licenses Installing Missing Versions 1.Download the option that you can use from 2.-Then decompress the files and open a control window. (I place the extracted files in C In the order window go to the folder -> am and guide: sdkmanager –licenses it takes a little time to accept the licenses here. None of the command line tools worked for me on Windows, but if you go to Tools -> SDK and download another SDK, you are invited to accept licenses.

Hours of research… This problem cannot be repeated. My flatter doctor -v: Android Studio > settings > Appearance – Behavior > System Settings > Android SDK Tick, click View. It is at this time when Android will ask you to accept its licenses and the updated version (s) will be installed. Now you can build/run Ionic/Cordova/PhoneGap. Have you found another solution? The same problem here. There is nothing local to change. This is the cloud building service For the latest Android Studio (2.3), the best way to update/accept all licenses is to run: Thanks esase for publication.