In addition, the U.S. government publishes lists of individuals and organizations with whom U.S. companies are not allowed to do business. If you use our services, you swear that neither you nor your organization is on any of these lists. Many providers do not have alS available to the public, but still offer ALSs for businesses and businesses. If ALS is not explicitly mentioned, you can negotiate the terms of ALS when discussing your plan with the supplier`s sales team. You often have fixed conditions for target availability, but you can negotiate service credits. In general, the more money you send in their way, the greater the availability of services you can get. We want to provide you with our services 24 hours a day, but there are things that our services are not available from time to time. We offer service credits if our services do not comply with our Twilio Service Level Agreement (SLA). (Look at our Twilio SLA). The response speed of our support team depends on the priority level you choose when filing your ticket, your support plan and how your plan works with our opening hours.

The priority level of your ticket can be changed by the agent to be higher or lower depending on how a problem affects your business. If you need to inform us, you must use our seat address and send a copy to We have special products and a specific agreement that includes the connection to emergency services. If you do not have this agreement with us, you cannot use our services to connect to emergency services (such as 911). If something serious happens because you or someone who uses our services under your Twilio account, try but are not able to access emergency services, then Twilio is not responsible and cannot be held responsible. Let`s take the example of a service that offers 99.99% availability. Often these goals are on a monthly window, so for our calculation, we will accept 30 days a month. This leaves us: you have the option to obtain and delete a copy of communication content on our services, unless the law says otherwise.

Click here for more information related to Twilio services. All stored communication content is deleted within specific time frames when these conditions expire, unless the law says otherwise.