If you wish to make a claim as part of your warranty, you can write a letter called a guarantee letter describing the error and describing the purchase in detail. This warranty does not apply to cosmetic damage such as scratches, cracks or general wear. 1) 3-year all-inclusive warranty – covers everything on the grinder, including blade assembly and rolling chassis. PVH does not grant an extension of the warranty period that goes beyond that indicated in this letter of guarantee, unless PVH has expressly given its written consent. The extension of the guarantee could be acquired on the basis of a specific cost project. All costs arising from the recipient`s contractual requirements for the extension of this guarantee are borne by the beneficiary. If you give a guarantee, make a big statement. A warranty agreement is proof that you truly believe in your product. And if you`re the buyer, it can be the safety net that encourages you to take that leap. Making a big purchase is a big deal. You want to make sure you`re investing in a quality product. What happens if it breaks next month? What if it`s just a small problem, but labour costs go through the roof? You deserve a product that is guaranteed. Many manufacturers are offering this promise.

A warranty contract can be a vote of confidence that benefits the manufacturer and the buyer. However, it must clearly state the name of the product and/or the serial number as well as the specific warranty conditions. A guarantee letter is a guarantee that is attached to a product that indicates the conditions of repair or replacement. For example, if you purchased a computer, you will receive a guarantee letter indicating how long the computer is covered for replacement or repair, what parts have been covered, what has been excluded and how the warranty can be exercised. Normally, warranty letters are issued by manufacturers, but it is increasingly common for third parties to offer guarantees for the products they sell. 2) 5 years engine warranty – the 3PS engine on your wood cut is covered for 5 years complete against failure, annual maintenance and complete malfunction. In the event that there is more than one beneficiary (which requires the prior written agreement of the PVH), none of them is allowed to exercise or simultaneously assert rights under this letter of guarantee for the same defect. The guarantee described here is the only guarantee granted by PVH and is the only exclusive remedy available to the beneficiary. The remedial measures described here and for the period described here constitute the full performance of all the obligations and responsibilities of the PVH to the beneficiary with respect to the products and constitute the full performance of all claims, whether on the basis of a contract, negligence or other liability. IN ANY CASE, PVH WILL NOT BE LIABLE OR IN A RESPONSIBLE WAY FOR EACH INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL ECONOMIC OR PROPERTY LOSS OR DAMAGE. There are no defined rules for issuing a warranty, it can be either a document or a personal letter to the client.

PVH`s overall liability, both in the context of this letter of guarantee and the corresponding contract for the sale of products according to each theory of liability, must not exceed an amount equal to the purchase price of the products, unless the corresponding sales contract for the products sets a lower liability limit, in which case the lower limit applies. Unless this letter of guarantee is expressly specified or as agreed in writing by PVH, the guarantee only applies as long as the beneficiary owns the products.