Xerox Full Service Maintenance Agreements cover all parts, work, software, diagnostic licenses and telephone support. You can tailor your full service maintenance contract to your specific needs: these prices include delivery of cyan, magenta, yellow and black, regardless of toned performance. This service contract covers parties, work and travel. It contains the printing module and the corresponding connection. Fuji Xerox Vietnam Offers: Consumables Spare Parts Service Service Cost Of-Service Remote Services Offers Customers only have to pay for their actual monthly copy/print volume. How do I buy a full service Xerox maintenance contract? Jeb also offers all the technical and safety improvements to ensure the safety of your machine and its state-of-the-art performance. . More stable expense costs are based on copy/print volume, which allows for more accurate prediction. Maximizing Time by Account Request – Order Management If your requirements go beyond device maintenance and repair, we also offer network support and repair as well as advanced technical support to improve all your office requirements.

Paid services include: the machine failure is shortened as quickly as possible due to the simplicity of the troubleshooting process. Remote Service Offerings (RSO) RSO helps customers resolve issues immediately without waiting for the CE visit. The high-quality FSMA service guarantees output quality through the use of original parts. All-in-one service for uncompromising quality assurance, excellent cost control and unparalleled customer service. A comprehensive maintenance agreement (FSMA) ensures a rapid on-site response by a J.E.Bergasse engineer All parts, supplies and labour are included in an FSMA JEB (all-inclusive), and it is guaranteed that we will only use parts authorized by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Control copy/print costs and current budget Focus on your core business and without problems managing consumable costs, Logistics and fixing Realize time efficiency and productivity, as machine downtime can be eliminated to a minimum level All software, software support and diagnostic license costs are included in your FSMA JEB so as not to guarantee hidden costs to allow for quick repair. Your JEB Customer Service Engineer (CSE) not only repairs your devices, but also performs preventative maintenance work to minimize future outages. For more information or to obtain these services, call 1-800-821-2797 or contact your local Xerox office.

With comprehensive maintenance agreements, you have access to our 24-hour certified hotline and the award-winning online knowledge base that includes videos, FAQs, instructions, drivers and documentation.